Identifying your Drive-Thru System 3M / Par G5 and XT1

Identifying your Drive-Thru System 3M / Par G5 and XT1

Here at Sound Products we answer a lot of support calls. Most of the calls start with one of our team members asking what model of Drive-Thru system our customer has. Usually the answer to this is “I don’t know” – and that is fine!

3M / Partech Drive-Thru Communication Headsets G5 and XT1

The 3M / Partech G5 headset

The G5 headset is the modular design that is the current model. It is digital, all black and is modular by design. You will be able to tell by the buttons. If your headset has || and | and the headsets icon, then that is a G5 headset. 

The 3M / Partech XT1 headset

The older model is the XT1. These still work great and are still digital. Usually these will usually say XT1 right on them. Other then that the button layout is a little more oval compared to the circular G5 buttons. 

3M / Par Drive-Thru Communication System Base Stations G5 and XT1
The base stations

Another good way to identify your Drive-Thru system is by looking at the base station. The newer G5 base stations are black and handle dual lane drive-thru’s. The older XT1 base stations are white and only handle one drive-thru lane. Customers with the XT1 Drive-Thu and two lanes will have two base stations in their restaurant or business.  

The unsupported C1060 and C760 Drive-Thru Models

Sound Products no longer supports the older style C1060 and C760’s because there are no parts being made for them anymore. If your business is still using these analog and ageing headset systems  you should contact sales as if there are problems there isn’t a lot our support team can help you with. 

3M / Par Drive-Thru Communications System C1060

Toll Free: 1-800-263-4996
Telephone: 905-332-4996

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