Basic Drive-Thru Operation

Basic Drive-Thru Operation

Basic Drive-Thru operation 

1. Detection: When you drive up to the menu board / speaker post at a Quick Service Restaurant you set off a signal from the loop detector that is set off by your car. This sends a signal to the hardwired base station that plays a beep for the wireless headsets. Al the same time this sets off a timer (if using a FastTrack 22 Timer)

1.2 Problems:
                        1. The restaurant can't hear customers.
                              a. Is happening on all headsets or just one? (Could be a sign of a base station issue > Power cycle the base station.
                                    - Could be a wiring issue requiring a service call.
                              b. No outgoing sound to speaker post - could be a blown speaker - service call.
                        2. The customers can't hear the restaurant.
                              a. Is this happening to all headsets or just one? (Could be a sign of a base station issue > Power cycle the base station)
                                      - Could be a wiring issue requiring a service call.
                        3. There is a hum or noise or any other sound related problem
                              a. Usually a problem with the wire between the base station and the speaker post / menu board. Requires a service call.
                        4. The cars in the drive-thru are not being detected by the loop detector in the base station > Power cycle the base station.

2. Ordering: The restaurants team member will then greet the customer and take their order. The menu board or speaker post has a hardwired microphone and speaker. The speaker is for your customers hearing you. The microphone is for the restaurant to hear your customers. A timer is also triggered to log how long it takes your car to get threw the other positions in the drive-thru.

3. The restaurant team member then waits to confirm you are in the correct order of the drive-thru lane and sends your order to the restaurants POS to get started on your order. If you are in a dual drive-thru lane system you then enter the merge / crash lane. 

3.1 Problems.
                        1. Observation cameras / screen issue - employees can't tell the POS what order is for what car.  Service call to inspect.

4. You will then drive up to the window where you pay. Complete your transaction.

5. From there you drive to the pickup window and take your order.
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