3M / Par Drive-Thru Headset system - Preventative maintenance

3M / Par Drive-Thru Headset system - Preventative maintenance

  1. Headsets - Keep clean and oil or grease free by wiping with a degreaser on a cloth.
  2. Always put headsets away when not in use. Either hang on a rack or in the charging rack(G5 headsets).
  3. Keep Base Station free of dust and grease.
  4. Keep charger free of dust and grease.
  5. Never leave batteries on metal surfaces( may short out)
  6. Menu Board/Post - Keep snow from building up around any speaker/microphone housing.
  7. Check asphalt or concrete in front of menu board/post for cracking or pot holes. This will affect the ground loop if water/ice gets to it.

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